What is a Professional Organizer?
A Professional Organizer is a personal consultant who provides structure, solutions, and systems to increase productivity and reduce stress. As an organizer, I help restore order to your life, creating systems that support new habits and that enable you to live and work in a peaceful, non-chaotic environment.

Who needs a Professional Organizer?
Anyone experiencing a transition or a desire to simplify his/her situation. An organizer can help facilitate these common life transitions: marriage or divorce, moving, new baby, retirement, illness or death of a loved one, career change, new business, business growth spurt, and starting or graduating from school.

How will I benefit from your services?
The benefits to organizing are enormous. You will achieve more in less time, gain a sense of control, reduce stress and feelings of being frustrated and overwhelmed, improve your relationships, become more profitable, and have more energy to do the things you love.

What about confidentiality and privacy?
All client information, business or personal, written or verbal, will be held in strict confidence. In addition, I provide a non-disclosure agreement for clients to sign. Please refer to the Code of Ethics section for more detail.

How do you charge for services?

Because each job and client needs are highly individual, most projects need to be defined after first seeing your situation. Work will not commence until you have a written, signed Letter Agreement or Job Order that details the scope of work, deliverables, and fee.

Do you work alone, or alongside your clients?
Both. After the initial consultation there is usually enough information to start organizing right away. At the start of each project there is a brief brainstorming session where we discuss your goals and issues. At the end of each session, time is spent going over questions and answers, and making sure you have the right organizing tools, tips, and procedures to help maintain your new environment.

How long will it take to organize me?
It depends on the project. The goal is to work quickly and efficiently to achieve optimum results.

Are you available evenings and weekends?
I am available Monday through Saturday, including evenings.